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of Movement

The ARC Team has invented the MTM – Motion Transfer
Mechanism – this technology is designed for the general public,
people who are physically challenged, as well as baby boomers
who are suffering from joint and back problems.

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What Is the MTM?

“A person could never put 100% of their force into propelling an object forward, until today.”

– Silvana A. Bezerra – Inventor

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Our Featured Projects:

The MTM by ARC is the most diverse piece of adaptive technology that has ever been created. Our patented design is compatible with a variety of adaptive vehicles and unforeseen applications including:

Spring Bike

Pulley Bike

Pedal Generator


3 Wheeler

Paddle Boat

What Sets Us Apart?


We plan to provide safer bicycles to all consumers by reducing frame and fork failures when riding. Our system will reduce accidents, injuries, lawsuits and provide a FAST and smooth ride at the same time. One of the most exciting aspects of our system is that a paraplegic, an individual missing one or both legs or someone suffering from a debilitating musclar disease can now ride the ARC bicycle and enjoy this fantastic fun and energizing activity.


ARC287BC Corporation is a Totowa, NJ based research development firm specializing in bicycle technology. It has developed a unique, patent technology which produces about 528 % more torque, thereby significantly increasing performance and increasing power more than twice the conventional speed! In fact, while a conventional bike can’t exceed 120 RPMs, the ARC287bc can exceed 175 RPMs, something unheard of in the industry and an absolute quantum leap forward in terms of power production and safety.



Motion Transfer Mechanism

After decades of research and development, our team has made cycling accessible to everyone. Our team has combined patented equipment with proprietary engineering to develop a bicycle that is sure to revolutionize the industry. The Archimedes 287BC is exceptionally safe, incredibly fast, and yet, easy to use by anyone who loves to ride including those are physically challenged in any way.

Discover biking with ease. Discover Archimedes 287BC.

MTM Benefits

Low Impact Activity

Fun to Ride

Outdoor & Indoor


Performance & Safety

Designed for Everyone

Including the Disabled

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