Empowerment. It’s all we’ve ever cared about.

Since we formed the ARC287BC team in January 2015, we’ve always been driven to use our expertise to improve the lifestyles of others while promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation. We like to say we empower through human power.

With decades of research and development behind us, and our patented MTM, we’ve improved the use of all human-powered vehicles. We have developed a mechanism that allows anyone to apply 100% of their force to propel a human-powered vehicle forward.

Leading the ARC287BC Corp. team, our founders include:

  • CFO – Silvana A. Bezerra
  • CEO – Wilson X. Bezerra
  • Principal Engineer – Gabor Nagy

Driven to design and engineer superior products, we strictly adhere to the compliance requirements of the SEC. Backed by years of engineering expertise and business-building skills, our team remains motivated in our mission to disrupt the industry by making human-powered vehicles that destroy the limitations of tradition.

We are currently inviting future-focused investors to find out more about ARC287BC Corporation and to help us expand our business. Find out how your investment can help empower others by contacting us now